Alternative 4th of July (Cupcakes for the Redcoats)

I was asked at work the other day:

“Do you celebrate the 4th of July in England?”

To which I replied.

“Yes, we call it Good Riddance Day

Which went down suprisingly well considering the audience.

A few days later I was rewarded with this excellent cupcake by a co-worker (Stephen Dayton) courtesy of his family. It was part of a batch of otherwise star-spangled cakes.

British 4th of July Cupcake – Happy Good Riddance Day

Once at a July 4th party I was asked to dress up as a redcoat so they could chase me around the garden. I told them Independence was an experiment and they’d soon come crying home to mommy.

This year I’m settling for a less seditious attitude. I’ll be wearing my “America” t-shirt. It’s red white and blue, it even says “America” – well, it screams it, enigmatically.

“America!” In wonder and despair and awe.


Red White and Blue “America” T-Shirt from Collected Thread in the Plaza District ($20).

Basically I’m going to enjoy the 4th this year like a (mostly) good sport.

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