Elmo Fruit Tray and Other Birthday Party Ideas

Elmo is baby crack

Or at least that’s what my wife says.  So when it can time to decide what theme we were going to go with for Finn’s second birthday party, Elmo seemed like the easy choice.

Elmo birthday party cake and fruit tray
Elmo fruit tray and birthday cake – that’s Elmo’s World

We’re careful not to expose our son to too many branded products or advertisements, we’d rather buy our nappies/diapers without Abbie and Cookie Monster and the whole cast of Sesame Street thank you very much.  We wanted the excitement we knew Elmo would bring, without the excess packaging and the price-tag (the Elmo branded card we were considering buying cost 4 times as much as the card we ended up buying).

We had been thinking about buying this Etsy set ($82.50), but scaled back the party to a family-only do.  This was a great idea.  And rather than go invest in a whole Elmo branded party set of plastic plates and napkins and the works, we kept it simple.  Here’s what we put together.

  • An Elmo fruit tray ($10).  Really simple.  This is just cut strawberries and raspberries with a hole shaped like a mouth into which you pour blue berries (black berries would also work).  Then mandarin segments for the nose, cups for yogurt dip with blue berries of grapes in them.  Try to pick a round plate (mine was oval), and turn the strawberries so their outsides show (not the whiter insides).  This Elmo fruit tray was a big hit.  Our son recognized it immediately as Elmo and by the end of the party it was nearly all gone.
Elmo fruit tray
Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mandarin oranges, yogurt dip and two grapes make up this Elmo Fruit tray ($10)
  • An Elmo birthday cake from our favorite bakeryMerritts Bakery in Tulsa, OK.  An indulgence, but we love this bakery so much (they made our wedding cake) we’re willing to pay the $46 and rope Stacy’s brother into bring it to us.  Note: for copyright reasons the bakery couldn’t make my wife the icing cake she wanted, so we had to go with the printed bake version.  Blah!  Whatever, it was delicious.
Elmo birthday party cake
Official elmo birthday cake from our favorite bakery ($46)
    • An Elmo second birthday t-shirt  from Etsy ($25) and shorts from God knows where (Stacy buys and co-ordinates the clothes).

Elmo happy birthday banner
Elmo happy birthday banner ($30 from Etsy) and party hat ($1 homemade)
  • Our finishing touches – an Elmo huddle: some cotton candy/candy floss and some poms left over from his party last year ($1).  Lucky for us Finn has collected three Elmo toys over the past year, including the tickle-me-Elmo.
three elmos partying
Three Elmos partying on down, cotton candy and poms ($1 for the cotton candy from Homeland) the rest were all left-overs.

And that was all we needed to make our little theme complete.  We came in at around $125 for all the Elmo themed goodies.  And if I had to choose one for value and impact, I’d go with the elmo fruit tray.  It’s a steal, it’s healthy and if a team of lawyers turn up at your front door with a cease and desist order you can always pour it all into a bowl and be done with them.

Of course by the time his party came around he was more interested in diggers and construction, but what are you going to do?

You can see Finn and I are both lucky men.  All of the Elmo birthday party ideas featured in this post come from my wife Stacy, so she really deserves all the credit.  I’m just the one who took the pictures and the time to tell you about all her hard work.

I hope this was of some help.  Feel free to comment – we’d love to hear from you.

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