Poor Man’s Lemondade Restaurant Hack

$2 a pop?

With this recipe you can make you own lemonade for free-ninety-nine at most restaurants.



  • Glass of ice water
  • Half a lemon (sliced)
  • Half a lime (sliced)
  • 2 sachets of Sweet and Low


Step 1) Scope out the drinks station before you order – if you see cut fruit, hold the soda.


Step 2) Pour yourself a glass of ice water with a little room at the top.

Step 3) Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon and half a lime. Put the rinds in too.


Step 4) Pour in two packets of Sweet and Low sweetener. Stir.


Step 5) Enjoy your drink! And that extra $2 in your pocket. You’re welcome very much.



  1. Free to you (potential savings between $2 and $250,000 a lifetime)
  2. Just 18 calories per serving (10 from the lime, 8 from the lemon)
  3. You control the sweetness
  4. More nutritious than real lemonade (possibly?)

Nutritional Value:

  • 40% RDA vitamin C
  • 1.5% RDA Potassium
  • 1% RDA Calcium
  • 1% RDA Iron
  • 0.5% RDA Protien


  1. It’s not carbonated
  2. You feel like a tool-bag making it
  3. Probably not encouraged by restaurant owners


Recipe Variations

Poor Man’s Fanta – substitute lemon and lime for orange (not available at all locations)

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