Velvet Monkey Salon on The Plaza District, photo by OK4arts


If you live in Oklahoma City and still haven’t been to the Plaza District you’re out of touch.


When we first found The Plaza District four years ago my wife wanted me to turn the car around and drive home. It didn’t look inviting, with bars on the windows and broad empty streets.  I’d heard about this up-and-coming district and was all gung-ho.  She was just scared. Continue reading The Plaza District OKC: a roots movement of dreamers & risk-takers

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Elmo is baby crack

Or at least that’s what my wife says.  So when it can time to decide what theme we were going to go with for Finn’s second birthday party, Elmo seemed like the easy choice.

elmo fruit tray and birthday cake

Elmo fruit tray and birthday cake – that’s Elmo’s World


We’re careful not to expose our son to too many branded products or advertisements, we’d rather buy our nappies/diapers without Abbie and Cookie Monster and the whole cast of Sesame Street thank you very much.  We wanted the excitement we knew Elmo would bring, without the excess packaging and the price-tag (the Elmo branded card we were considering buying cost 4 times as much as the card we ended up buying). Continue reading Elmo Fruit Tray and Other Birthday Party Ideas

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