Zombie Team Game! What’s the best weapon you can find in 5 minutes?


Earlier today I texted the following message to 10 friends:

Zombie apocalypse sms txt message.jpg

Here’s what my zombie team sent back:


Jonathan: replied 1m 35s, Handgun. Survives for 18 months and dies of a sneaky neck bite in the woods.


Bill: replied 1m 55s, broadsword and a spatula. Survives for 2 years and a day, killed by a member of his new medieval cult


Alex: replied 2m 30s, camera and tripod. Survives 30 seconds, ripped apart by zombie cheerleaders

guns guns guns.jpg

Kyle: replied 4m 28s, an arsenal of guns. Survives for 7 years and then ‘accidentally’ shoots himself in the head.

kitchen knife.jpg

Michaela: replied 5m 13s, kitchen knife. Survives for 9 days, dies in a herd of zombies when her blade dulls from over-use.

weeder tool.jpg

Me:  Weeder. I’d survive for 5 weeks because it’s actually kind of cheaply made, knocked off by looters in the night.

If you want to play with your friends just copy and paste this block of text into a group text message, snap chat, IM, Facebook Status, or whatever:

It’s the zombie apocalypse and I want you on my team! Wherever you are, you have 5 minutes to find the best weapon you can and reply to the group with a photo of it. I’ll tell you how long you’re going to survive.

* You might notice three changes in this text from my original message. 1) People needed more time, 5 minutes seems reasonable. 2) I made it clear you’re supposed to respond to the whole group – it’s more fun that way.  3) I like the idea of everyone who responds being in your ‘zombie team’, so I included that in the message.

Once the 5 minutes are up, you let everybody know how they did by replying to the whole group:

apocapics group txt msg results.jpg


And that’s it.  Enjoy!