Stuff Yourself Healthy at Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill in Edmond OK



Just like at Subway, everything is sort of the same but different at Gorbanzo Mediterranean Grill in Edmond OK.

With the exception of the choice of meat or falafel, your meal will largely be determined by what you ask them not to put on it.

I was going to hold one thing – the pickles – but apparently they’re Israeli and I didn’t want to look xenophobic.


Gorbanzo Mediterranian Grill in Edmond OK Spring Creek

Gorbanzo Mediterranean Grill, East 15th Street, Edmond OK (Spring Creek)


You won’t get the kind of heavy, greasy full you get with fried fast food. It’s the satisfyingly stuffed you get from eating too much humus and cabbage and tabbouleh.  A self-righteous stuffed.

Garbanzo is another concept helping to fill the gap in the market for food that is fast, fresh, fun and isn’t going to give you heart disease.


Felafel pita from Garbanzo Edmond ok

The Felafel Pita with all the trimmings at Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill ($6.75)


Gorbanzo is a fairly new restaurant franchise chain out of Denver Colorado (Established 2007). There are currently two locations in the OKC metro. One in the Spring Creek strip mall in Edmond and one by Buffalo Wild Wings on NW Expressway in Oklahoma City.

Here’s the menu on their site (there are no prices, even when you navigate by location).   Mains are $6-10.

Garbanzo provides the most fresh and filling meal I’ve had in a long time, doing for the pita what Chipotle did for the burrito.

If I had a suggestion it would be more comfortable chairs and booths: there isn’t a cushion in sight.

There are lots of nice little touches everywhere though, like the sign over the soap in the bathroom: a Garbanzo bean (Chick Pea) saying “If I had hands I’d wash them.”

Or this little note on the wax paper.



Right now, out there someone is eating a cold bologna sandwich in their cubicle

Wax paper at Garbanzo Edmond, OK


It might not be for you, but you should definitely try it.  They offer you a taster felafel when you walk through the door, so you even get your first bite free.


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