Potty Training Sticker Chart? We Prefer the Chaos of a Sticker Wall

potty training sticker chart


A friend of mine with a toddler recently asked on Facebook, “At what age do stickers stop working as an all-purpose bribe?”

My initial thought was, “Right about when they find out about sweets.” But I was wrong. Our eldest son is two and a half and we potty trained him in just a few days (or rather he practically potty trained himself) using a potty training sticker chart. There are plenty of free potty training sticker charts available online, but our chart has more of a chaotic feel to it.


potty training sticker chart on our wall

The potty training sticker chart on our wall

potty training sticker chart

Four Potty Training Sticker Charts on One Wall – Chaotic

Whilst a traditional potty training sticker chart might lay out a goal with milestones and expectations with only a certain number of slots available for stickers, we’re a little more loosey-goosey in this house. Ours is just a bunch of pieces of paper taped to the wall. Our son gets a sticker every time he pees, and two and an ice cream every time he poos.

In fact if he’s in a challenging mood we won’t even ask him if he wants to go to the potty, we’ll just ask him if he wants to earn a sticker.

A lot of the success of this strategy is due to this excellent sticker book from Melissa and Doug.

melissa and doug sticker book

Melissa and Doug sticker book

You can buy it from their online store her for $4.99 + postage and packaging and they have a whole collection of different books, including a pink sticker book for girls.

I love the attention to detail in these sticker books. On each page there are usually only a couple of duplicate stickers, but all of the stickers are large and colorful and sorted into themed pages. And the book contains 500+ stickers, so it’s less than 1c per sticker.

There’s the:

  • Dinosaur themed stickers
  • Construction themed stickers
  • Creepy crawlie/ gross out themed stickers
  • Knights and medievil themed stickers
  • Space and Alien Themed stickers
  • Fire and police rescue themed stickers
  • Zoo animal themed stickers
  • Racing car themed stickers
  • Sports themed stickers
  • Pirate themed stickers

Our son goes through one favorite theme after another as his tastes change.

Here are a couple of sample pages, so you can judge the design quality for yourself:

Zoo animal sticker page

Zoo animal sticker page

knights and medieval sticker book

knights and medieval sticker book

construction empty sticker chart

(my son’s favorite) the construction sticker page

I’m convinced that using some kind of potty training sticker chart is a good idea – it’s good for their teeth for one thing.

But there are some advantages to not using a more tightly organized sticker chart when potty training.

With a more chaotic sticker wall, when a page is full we just tape another piece of paper to the wall and keep adding stickers – which is useful because you never really know with potty training how long it’s going to take.

There are different stages to potty training: using the potty; using the real toilet; transitioning from diapers to pants; pooping in the potty; asking to go to the potty before it’s too late; taking yourself to the potty. This way we’ve been able to reward at all stages and our bathroom is getting more and more colorful.

But the real reason that I like this way is that we’ve ended up with keepsakes that are entirely my son’s own creation – chaos and all.