Little Boy Christmas Tree Ornaments – Ho Ho Ho!

dinosaur kids christmas ornament


My wife was quietly devastated when we put up our Christmas tree this year, because our two and a half year old son was indifferent.

She took his baby ornaments out of the boxes and got dewy eyed, but he was stuck to the construction site play box I built him.

“I think I just realized what it really means to be a boy mom,” she told me.

But she’s not one to take it lying down. She didn’t give up. We moved our porch Christmas tree into his room, and she went to Hobby Lobby and bought him some little boy christmas decorations she was pretty sure he’d get excited about putting up.

construction tool little boy christmas ornaments

Selection of little boy christmas ornaments

It’s a small pre-lit tree, so in all she bought:

  • Workmans’ tool christmas ornaments
  • Dinosaur christmas ornaments
  • Car and truck christmas ornaments
  • Blue beads to string around the tree
  • Red, blue and green mini christmas tree baubles
  • A star for the top of the tree


baby boy christmas ornaments

Baby boy christmas ornaments on the floor

And it worked!

For the first time our little boy was old enough to understand what we were doing, and to get properly excited about decorating his very own tree.

dinosaur kids christmas ornament

Dinosaur kids christmas ornament

school bus christmas ornament on a tree

School bus christmas ornament on a tree

police car christmas ornament on the tree

Police car boy Christmas ornament on the tree

So the key to getting him interested was to give him his own little boy Christmas tree in his own room, and to fill it with little boy ornaments – all the stuff that he’s most interested in, like construction and tools and cars and trucks and dinosaurs.

Lateral thinking – that’s what it means to be a boy mom. Nice work, baby.