Toyota hood ornament post crash


A car crash is never good news. Unless it is.

This was my first ever car accident – a fender bender in rush hour traffic. I was looking at my phone, I confess to texting and driving. Actually I was Facebook messaging someone who was asking my advice and I was doing my best to help her before I got home so I could concentrate on dinner and my family. Continue reading Bad Luck is Good Luck in Glasses and a Funny Mustache

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potty training sticker chart


A friend of mine with a toddler recently asked on Facebook, “At what age do stickers stop working as an all-purpose bribe?”

My initial thought was, “Right about when they find out about sweets.” But I was wrong. Our eldest son is two and a half and we potty trained him in just a few days (or rather he practically potty trained himself) using a potty training sticker chart. There are plenty of free potty training sticker charts available online, but our chart has more of a chaotic feel to it. Continue reading Potty Training Sticker Chart? We Prefer the Chaos of a Sticker Wall

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david christopher talks at confluence conference in oklahoma city


I recently got a chance to spill my guts about my favorite topic of conversation – putting on Confluence blogging and digital influencer conference, here in Oklahoma City.

As you can tell from the interview, it’s a subject I could talk about all day long. The conference was very definitely a labor of love. Continue reading Interview about founding Confluence conference on

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