I wouldn't hurt a fly but mosquitoes get it


It’s not fear of karma that motivates me to trap spiders under a glass and throw them out the back door, it’s utility.

An action is right if it produces as much or more of an increase in happiness of all affected by it than any alternative action, and wrong if it does not.

I try to take account of the “happiness” of all participants in any action, and not just the human ones.

Cats are full of energy

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I Survived #PoopaCana in the DR

My pregnant wife, son and I took a vacation to Dreams Resort in Punta Cana back in late June, early July. On our second night in the Dominican Republic my wife and I came down with food poisoning. We became very sick, got chills, stomach ache and didn’t want to get out of bed or eat for the first few days. We had terrible travelers’ diarrhea for two weeks, until finally antibiotics prescribed by my wife’s OBGYN knocked it out. Continue reading Punta Cana: Food Poisoning & Diarrhea Strike Dominican Republic

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